How do you preserve your curls for the next day?

Usually sleeping on your curls is a no no, as when you wake up they’re dry, frizzy and completely out of shape (blehh :().

But there is a way to preserve them. “the pineapple” hairstyle is a very simple and easy way to preserve your curls overnight (also sleeping on a satin pillow case or using a satin head wrap can stop your curls from drying out overnight as cotton can “absorb” the moisture from your hair while you sleep)

Okayy so lets beginnnn!

Step 1: Bend over, so your head is basically upside down.


Step 2: Gather your hair gently like your’re making a ponytail at the top of your head.

Step 3: Secure your hair with a scrunchie or hair elastic. A scrunchie tends to be better as the a looser the hold the better. (don’t want to have a dent in your hair in the morning)

Step 4: Straighten up (obviously lol)


Step 5: Sleep ZzzzZzz

Step 6: The next morning remove the scrunchie/hair elastic and enjoy your beautiful next day curls. You can also spritz your hair with water or add product if desired.




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